Is it now possible to achieve mass automation of precision d

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for dispensing in manufacturing industry is increasing. Especially for some large production lines, the demand for dispensing is very large, and the ordinary dispensing production mode can no longer meet the needs. Therefore, most of the production models of these enterprises are produced in large volume automation. But now the requirements of the product's glue precision are also increasing, and the low precision glue dispenser is unable to realize the precision dispensing work. What kind of glue dispenser can meet this kind of large-scale production work?
Automatic visual precision glue dispenser
If we want to achieve large-scale production, it is the best choice to use the precise dispensing machine. The precise dispensing function can carry out high-speed batch dispensing in large quantities, ensuring the accuracy of dispensing. In the absence of price costs, the use of precision glue can help users to finish more demand for glue.
The on-line precision glue dispenser can be used in the assembly line mode for the precision dispensing work, which belongs to a non punctuation machine. The on-line precision dispensing machine equipped with a rotary dial button, can better adjust the amount of glue dispensing machine, controller interface still added a quantitative and continuous glue glue button, not only enhances the control effect of glue, but also improves the accuracy and efficiency of dispensing dispensing. The unique design idea can also use high viscosity glue to carry on the glue work. So the on-line precision glue dispenser can be put into the assembly line to finish the large batch of glue.
Ground assembly line precision glue dispenser
However, the on-line precision glue dispenser is only used in the high demand production line. Considering the practical application, the user can choose the targeted precision dispensing equipment.